Resources for starting out

Because game development encompasses many different kinds of skills, it can be difficult to get started making what you want. So we compiled some resources for you to use!

We hope that these resources can help you with your project, and if you'd like us to compile more resources, feel free to contact us at with what you want to see!

GameDevSoc Related

Workshop resources

Workshop slides - used for fresher's week workshop
FlickGame - basically MS-Paint + slideshows
FlickGame Gallery - see other people's flickgame creations
Bitsy - simple grid-based game tool
Bitsy Games - see other people's bitsy creations - share your game with others

Other stuff by GameDevSoc

Past presentation slides - various presentations from past socials and game jams
Past newsletter issues - great for looking through past articles

Game Engines

Non language-specific

Twine - for interactive, nonlinear stories
Construct 2 - for HTML5-based games
Construct 3 - a newer, browser-based version (in beta)
GameMaker Studio 2 - feature-rich development software, export to many platforms
PICO-8 - a fantasy console to make games on

Large-scale engines

Unity - cross-platform 2D/3D engine, code in C#
Unreal - very powerful game engine, code in C++
CryEngine - another powerful engine, allows scripting using Lua
Godot Engine - smaller but still powerful, code in C#

Lua scripting

LÖVE - open-source 2D game engine
Defold - another free 2D game engine
Amulet - for small games and experiments

Miscellaneous resources

anime.js - javascript animation engine, for animating DOM elements - figure out which tool to use
Game engine by language - for finding engines based on programming languages

Art, Animation, 3D Modelling

Software & Tools

Piskell - web-based pixel-art app
UModeler - modelling extension for Unity
Blender - open-source 3D modelling software
Testudo3D - blender add-on to create scenes using tiling objects
MagicaVoxel - voxel art editor for OSX and Windows


Google Poly - free 3D models and scenes
Pixel art tutorials - amazing GIF-based tutorials by Pedro
Pixar textures - texture library, used by Pixar - simple colour-scheme generator

Music & Sound Design

Free music tools

Chrome music lab - web-based music learning apps
FamiTracker - Windows-based free tracker for NES music
beepbox - create chiptune melodies on the web
Bosca Ceoil - simple loops, on desktop or web
BFXR - creating sound effects
MOD Synth - a web-app for creating synths
drumbit - browser-based drum machine

Free music resources

Freesound - royalty-free music and sounds
Incompetech - royalty-free music and graph papers
Free studio - compilation of free/cheap music tools
Chiptune VSTs - synths with UI, to be loaded into a DAW

Game engine integration

Wwise - spatial audio features to integrate into Unity/Unreal
FMOD - similar to Wwise, but closer to a DAW

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)

FL Studio - production software for Windows
Ableton Live - music engineering software, for OSX and Windows
Ardour - free cross-platform DAW

Other Stuff

Articles & Website

Gamedev Reddit - reddit community for game developers
IT Hare's Programming Guide - a compilation of programming and career guides to game development
Extra Credit - comprehensive tutorials and discussions for game development & design
Gamasutra - video game industry news, developer blogs, and features
Killscreen - video game arts and culture publication
Errant Signal - game analysis and reviews
Video Game Interfaces - screenshots of good interface designs